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Thanks for taking the time to read and comment at Daily Economy. Your participation is what makes this blog tick. Our comment policy is meant to foster a productive, respectful environment where people can critically engage with economic ideas and issues. We just have a few ground rules.

1) Comments that make personal attacks on writers, commenters, or anyone else will not be published. Daily Economy strives to keep debates focused on the issues–not on personalities. We believe that it’s important for people to find ways to disagree with each other while remaining civil.

2) Comments that include profanity or hateful language will not be published. Daily Economy is a safe space for people of all backgrounds to express their views and opinions. To that end, comments that include violent, hostile, threatening, or bigoted language will not be posted to the site.

3) Comments and links should stay on-topic. The content of your comment should relate to the subject of the post. Please do not link to personal blogs or inappropriate websites.

4) To maintain a civil environment, many comments will be reviewed before they are published. Comments do not appear on the site while they are pending moderation.

We reserve the right to delete or exclude comments that do not meet the above criteria. If you have questions about commenting, please feel free to email us here.

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