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Business Journals Highlight Our Everyday Price Index

AIER’s innovative Everyday Price Index was featured by the American City Business Journals last week, in a story that reflected upon why some prices, like health insurance and higher education, have gone far up amid an overall mild inflation rate.

“How can we even think inflation is under control? It’s time to learn about the Everyday Price Index (EPI), a statistical tool developed by the American Institute for Economic Research,” writes business journals author Bryce Sanders.

We calculate the Everyday Price Index each month, shortly after the release of the Consumer Price Index. It reflects price changes felt by Americans on a day-to-day basis, measuring the prices of those items that they buy frequently, such as food, utilities, fuel, and prescription drugs. In July, the EPI dropped 0.4 percent, driven by the first drop in energy prices in five months. By contrast, the non-seasonally adjusted CPI fell by 0.2 percent during that time.

But certain expenses have made a bigger impact on Americans’ budgets than others in recent months. To read more about our latest reading of the EPI, click here.

American City Business Journals runs 43 business weekly publications around the country, including such publications as the Boston Business Journal and Columbus Business First.

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