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International Business Times Jobs Story Features AIER

Our Polina Vlasenko was prominently featured in this story by the International Business Times on the January jobs report released on Friday.

The author, Owen Davis, quotes Vlasenko as saying the positive employment numbers probably show a durable trend. But she adds that there’s a reason wages haven’t been growing at a faster clip.

According to the story: “’There is hidden unemployment, people who have been out of work so long that they are no longer looking,’ said Vlasenko. ‘This hidden pool of unemployed people is what keeps wages from growing, since there is always a way to hire more people without wages going up.’”

If the economy continues to expand, the people reentering the workforce should eventually push wages up, Vlasenko told the reporter.

You can read the story here.

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  1. Polina is absolutely right. Worst jobs available vs. workforce available match in my adult memory. Walker Todd


    February 10, 2016

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