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AIER Retirement Tips Featured in Top Journals

agingAIER Research Fellow Luke Delorme’s work has been published in the September edition of two prominent investment journals.

His piece in the monthly magazine of the American Association of Institutional Investors questions the conventional wisdom of “safe” investing as retirees age. His article, “Mathematical Support for Rising Equity Glide Paths,” says that for some retirees, the most important time to be conservative with investments is at the outset of retirement, not the end of retirement. This sets up a pattern of increasing exposure to risk over the course of retirement. By doing so, retirees may be less likely to run out of money, he writes. AAII is an independent, non-profit organization that helps people become better managers of their own assets through programs like education, information and research.

And his article, “A Blueprint For Retirement Spending,” was published in the September edition of the Journal of Financial Planning. It rejects the idea of a one-size-fits all spending strategy in retirement, such as the “4 percent rule.” It suggests a person preparing for retirement should adjust his or her spending plan based upon factors like retirement horizon, equity exposure, how much pension they have, return assumptions, their hopes to leave money to their heirs, and anticipated fees.

The Financial Planning Association is the principal organization for certified financial planning professionals, and associated fields.

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  1. Recognition well deserved.–Walker Todd

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    September 3, 2015

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