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Amid Controversy, Alexander Hamilton Gets a Necktie

ten dollar billWith Treasury Secretary Jack Lew planning to shrink Alexander Hamilton’s image on the $10 bill, opponents of the plan are making their feelings known in an interesting way.

The Wall Street Journal reports Van Eck Global is producing a necktie with Hamilton’s image, and is planning to send them to about 200 “prominent financiers who have come to Hamilton’s defense, including former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke.” Van Eck has a history of creating central-bank-themed ties, the Journal reports.

Lew is planning to shrink Hamilton’s image on the bill, and have him share the bill with the image of a yet-to-be named woman.

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  1. john b #

    Why not Anna Schwartz?


    July 10, 2015
  2. Gilbert W. Chapman #

    I am amazed that anyone would consider ‘dropping’ Hamilton, rather than than some horrendous president, i.e. Jackson from the $20 bill.

    How well I remember William Simon’s comment when asked, while he was Secretary of Treasury, “How much of Hamilton’s design is still existing at the Treasury today?” . . . His answer, “Only about 90% of it.”

    Jackson’s picture should be replaced by the first woman president, 50 years after her service to this nation, whether it’s Hillary Clinton or some other woman. . . . . It’s that simple.

    Or . . . Susan B. Anthony . . . Heck . . . If it wasn’t for Ms. Anthony, no woman would even be considered for the Presidency today.


    July 10, 2015

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