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Uber, Airbnb and Government Regulation

bed and breakfastUber may have changed the way people look at taxi services, but as a story in yesterday’s New York Times shows, it is not immune from the same calls for regulation that another “sharing economy” service, Airbnb, has faced in recent years.

The story explains how Airbnb has calmly pivoted from an upstart home sharing service to a company that has learned to live with, and even embrace, government regulation. That’s in contrast to Uber, whose aggressive approach made it the subject of large protests in Paris last week.

Airbnb’s “approach with regulators is ‘about finding partners within governments that understand the sharing economy,’ said Patrick Robinson, head of public policy in Europe for Airbnb. ‘We want to explain what is happening out there because at some point, they will want to regulate this,’” according to the story, which you can find here.

Meanwhile, check out our senior research fellow Max Gulker’s interesting piece about the Uber-fication of the larger economy here.

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