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CNET Features AIER’s Wage Study

We were delighted to see CNET cite AIER’s research on wages in its story on Monday, as an increasing number of media make note of this institute’s work in that arena. CNET wrote about Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s pivot from his October gaffe to a new conversation about gender inequality in salaries.

UncleSamThe story noted Nadella’s comment in October that women should trust that good work will eventually lead to promotions or raises, which drew a forceful response that good karma isn’t enough to achieve wage equality.

According to the CNET story, Nadella’s comments “shone a bright light on pay practices in the technology industry. A report published by the American Institute for Economic Research in September said women at tech companies earn $6,358 less than their male counterparts, while women with at least one child earn $11,247 less than everyone else.”

The story included a link to the report from our senior research analyst, Nicole Kreisberg, about foreign-born, highly skilled workers who are in the United States with an H-1B visa. The report concluded that these workers were not driving down wages of permanent U.S. citizens in various technology or financial services occupations.

Nadella later described his comments as “inarticulate,” said women should get equal pay for equal work, and shouldn’t be afraid to ask if they feel they deserve a raise.

The unequal-pay aspect of Kreisberg’s report has been cited far and wide, including by The Associated Press and USA Today.

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  1. marge d'amcio #

    Well written and informative piece on wage study. Well done!


    December 31, 2014
  2. Katy Delay #

    Sorry to put a damper on your enthusiasm, but citations in the press, in and of themselves, are not proof that AIER is doing valid research.

    Liked by 1 person

    December 31, 2014
  3. What theory explains this fact? And, is that theory supported by evidence?


    December 31, 2014

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