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AIER Named a Top Fellowship

work - employment discussion - Ethan and RustinAIER Summer Fellowship Practicum program has been selected as one of the Top 10 Summer Fellowships of 2015 by ProFellow, the largest online community of active fellowship seekers and university advisers, and the go-to-source for information on professional and academic fellowships.

Our internship program is based on the simple idea that people gain skills through experience. The program is structured to immerse students in rigorous scientific inquiry under the guidance of AIER researchers. They experience all aspects of intellectual life while on campus, not only completing research projects, but interacting with distinguished speakers and visiting scholars, participating in debates, and learning the (sometimes painful) process of knowledge creation.

We select feMounment Mt.llows based on the match between the applicants’ skills and interests, and the scope of the institute’s agenda. We prefer candidates whom we expect to integrate well into our team, and who are ready to experiment, innovate, and take on challenges. Since we need various levels of research support, we look for people with diverse skill sets and fields of study. We welcome undergraduate seniors, those pursuing a master’s degree, and doctorate level students.

When on campus, fellows enjoy the many opportunities for art, culture and outdoor recreation offered by our setting in the Berkshires.

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  1. Katy Delay #

    Congratulations, Natalia.


    December 19, 2014

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