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Advancing Financial Literacy of the Young Generation is AIER’s Priority

IMG_0723Eighth-grade girls from across Berkshire County attended recent workshops aimed at giving them a foundation of financial understanding. The American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) facilitated the Money Matters workshops, which were held at Miss Hall’s School, on November 17 and 19, 2014.

AIER, whose mission includes financial literacy education, led interactive exercises with the help of volunteer mentors, who are professional women from the area. To make sure that the girls understand the importance of financial independence, budgeting, saving, and making their money work for them, we used a small group discussion format. In addition, the girls learned the value of a higher education when it comes to their future earning potential, as well as about building resumes and developing professional communication skills they will need in their careers.IMG_0721

Chloe Kim, Miss Hall’s senior, who interns at AIER (shown right with AIER staff), was one of the mentors. As she greeted the participants and encouraged them to practice budgeting and saving, I was reminded of a recent study that showed that financial knowledge provides people with important benefits throughout their lives. Money Matters Workshop delivered a great deal of knowledge to the eighth graders. If the girls put the knowledge into action, it will be a benefit to all.

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