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Remote Internship Helps High School Students Learn Economics

highschoolbanner Research shows that learning by experience helps students better understand the subject matter than simply reading a textbook. With that in mind, AIER has created an innovative approach to internships, offering a remote arrangement.

Its first remote internship program is with the Presentation High School in San Jose, California, where two students are working on research and analysis of economic issues, under AIER’s supervision. The internship included reading and summarizing monthly reports on retail sales and employment.

Both education and employment are moving toward a remote format. Because young people are so much savvier about their mobile devices, it was natural for the students to easily communicate with their mentors remotely. We used email, Skype and WebEx to communicate.

While in California to present research findings, I visited the school to meet the students, as well as their economics teacher, and to tour the school’s campus. It was amazing to see the support that the school had provided toward the internship, and the care that had been given to ensure the students gained real economic research knowledge. The students said they appreciated the chance to learn economic concepts in a real-world setting, and the opportunity to get feedback from a trained economist.

AIER is proud to fulfill its education mission through innovative approaches to reach the next generation of young Americans who are interested in pursuing economics as their area of study, and economic research as their occupation.

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